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Our Desserts

Turnkey Formulas

Our cakes are served on a plate or buffet
Le Royal
Sugared almond crisp, chocolate mousse, chocolate glazing

Sugared almond and caramelized walnut cream, biscuit « Sacher » (chocolate)
Chocolate and caramelized walnut mousseline cream, almond biscuit « dacquoise »

Le Mont-Blanc
Smooth cottage cheese and vanilla cream, raspberry, finger biscuit

Le Sicilien
Pistachio smooth cream, sugared almond pasty, chocolate cake, pistachio biscuit « dacquoise »

Violet and vanilla smooth cream, blackcurrant compote, biscuit Joconde

Le Framboisier
3 vanillas (Madagascar, Tahiti and Mexico) mousseline cream, raspberry, finger biscuit

Rose-flavoured macaroon, light cream, lychee and raspberry

Selection of verrines
La 3 Chocolat
White chocolate mousse, Milk chocolate mousse, Dark chocolate mousse

La Strachiatella
Dark chocolate mousse, With chunks of chocolate with fleur de sel (French sea salt), Soft chocolate

La Piña Colada
Roast pineapple, Rum baba with a pipette, Coconut light cream

La Mosaïque
Vineyard peach and red berry jelly, Red berry coulis, Mascarpone light cream, Speculos biscuit

A la demande
Our pastry cook and chocolate maker, Cyrille Pertuisot, can also prepare a traditional pièce montée (wedding cake) with chou cakes or macaroons whatever the shape and the decoration you will ask for.

The Desserts Buffet is set with a dark chocolate fountain and fruits skewers, fresh fruits and Chantilly cream verrines, assortment of macaroons and sweet petits-fours.

Fresh fruits basket
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